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Vilnius Day three Part One It’s been an interesting time here. After working with our client today, I excused myself for some rest and went to my room to watch local coverage of the Giro d’Italia. Great stuff. In the … Continue reading

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Day OnePart One Iowa to the Easter Bloc: I’ve set off on an unusual trip this time. It started with a quick hop and a skip from Traverse City to Des Moines. Two flights, each under 45 minutes… a brief … Continue reading

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Our Blog

Welcome to Krios Consulting.  This blog will be a compendium of our work for businesses, nonprofits, governments, and communities. Please read and enjoy, then spread the word. Many thanks, Bill Palladino Principal Consultant / Owner Krios Consulting USA

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Day TwoPart One LOST I couldn’t resist finding a way to ride a bike here. The hotel boasted of over ten miles of horseback and bike riding trails. The process of finding a bike to rent unveiled something I’ll just … Continue reading

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HawaiiDay OnePart One Going from this side to that: I’ve made myself to Oahu, rented a car and driven across the Island to what the native folk call “Real Hawaii.” This is the north side. It’s about an hour drive … Continue reading

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