MIT’s Jason Pontin speaks at Innovation Summit

“The idea of executing innovation in big companies is terrifying.” Jason Pontin – Technology Review

Jason photo
Jason Pontin

Each night of our 2011 ITLN Innovation Summit has featured an informal and intimate talk with some of today’s greatest thinkers on the subject of innovation.  Monday evening’s kickoff saw bestselling author and “Thinkers 50 Award” winner Vijay Govindarajan leading a group of 55 – 60 corporate and nonprofit professionals through a shallow dive into his well researched theories of how innovation works.

Tuesday, all day, the group of participants sat through the Leading Innovation workshop based on the work of Govindarajan and coauthor Chris Trimble and their parable How Stella Saved The Farm”.  Trimble, also a professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth was our guest speaker that night.  Chris’s talk fired up the crowd of participants who were already fully engaged in his ideas from the day’s seminar.

Wednesday the Summit turned its attention to the work of Shawn Achor.  His bestselling book The Happiness Advantage provides a set of rules for creating better performance through purposefully positioning yourself with a more positive attitude. And there’s plenty of science to back it up.

Wednesday evening we were treated to another great innovation conversation, this time with Editor in Chief, and Publisher of Technology Review, Jason Pontin.  Pontin was a gas!  Initially starting with a simple slide show of some recent jaw-dropping innovations.  Quickly the questions started coming at him and the evening turned into a fascinating story-telling session on Pontin’s experiences and beliefs about the world of Innovation.

Tech ReviewIf you haven’t looked at Technology Review or its sister publication Business Impact, please do.  They have decades of experience introducing the latest innovations and predicting their potential impacts on the future.


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Excited to meet with VJ Govindarajan and Chris Trimble today

Boston Night Pano
View from the Omni Parker House

Excited to meet with VJ Govindarajan & Chris Trimble today at our ITLN Leadership Summit in Boston.

Krios Consulting is in Boston this week working with our partners the International Thought Leader Network on presenting three new workshops to a cadre of high-level clients.  Part of this Leadership Summit includes getting to spend time with some of our featured authors.  This morning we’ll be meeting with V.J. Govindarajan (VG), and Chris Trimble coauthors of The Other Side of Innovation.

VG and Chris
VJ Govindarajan and Chris Trimble

The next four days will be spent showcasing several of our new workshops, Leading Positive Performance and Leading Positive Change, along with our existing work with VG and Chris, Leading Innovation.

We’re excited to be playing a role in this event as co-presenter with Greg Kaiser and Leigh Quinn.

And Boston is such a great place for an event like this.

Old Court House


Krios Partner ITLN Launches Leadership Summit

Krios Consulting partners with the International Thought Leader Network on many of our projects.  ITLN is just turning the corner into a new space of corporate learning management with several top selling business authors.  Next week they will be hosting a week-long seminar in Boston where Bill Palladino will be presenting.

Our work there will feature newly developed training content on Innovation, Change, and performance.  Please check out our brand new website to learn more about our programs and the author/partners that help make it all work.

ITLN Web Page

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Read three case studies of our work with Change Management

Read three case studies of our work with #change #management. Training Magazine.

Training Magazine Article
John Kotter on Leading Bold Change

This entire edition of Training Magazine from June of 2009 was dedicated to the work of John Kotter.  The three case studies from Black & Decker, MasterCard, and Kaiser Permanente were all based on the Leading Bold Change workshop which Bill Palladino helped to design.  Bill was also the lead consultant on all three projects, training executives and assisting in implementation.