Local Economy in Action

THIS WEEK: Pigs, Oinkers, Hogs, and PoPos – Farmers Turned into Felons by the Michigan DNRE. (Multiple Stories on This Subject), A Look at Democracy Through the Groundwork Documentary Project, Hydraulic Fracking Infographic Style Scrolling Website, Gorgeous Animation of the Windmill Farmer, Investing In Rail Makes Sense – The Freep, Your Salad – A Search for Where the Wild Things Were – from NPR, Several Stories on the Re-emergence of 2-4-D in Our Lives – Remember Agent Orange?, Chicago Tribune Prints Obit for Facts, and much more…

This is my collection of news, articles, interviews, videos, and other ideas that we’ve found related to Local Economy. It’s a wide swath cut into the topic as we cover everything from permaculture, small farms, gardening, energy, politics, transportation, infrastructure, and other elements that make up a community and how it works economically.

We put these here in one place after weeding through the chaff. We provide what’s interesting and pertinent while excluding purely promotional materials. You should feel confident when you click on one of these links that it won’t lead you through some spammy, scammy, adventure before you get to the heart of the matter.

I thank you for tuning in and suggest that you subscribe to the topic so you’ll get daily updates from us. Also, feel free to suggest content for inclusion.

Many thanks,

Bill Palladino


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