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I was recently reading Steve Pavlina’s: 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job and noticed that this guy knows what the hell he’s talking about. For this, I feel that it’s very important that I share his article with you just in case you might think like I used to. I too believed that security came with working that “9-5″ and hustling my ass off hoping for a minuscule raise. Sounds familiar right?


When I decided to start Circle One Communications, LLC in January 2008 I knew I was taking on a major risk. I also knew that most people wouldn’t understand. Steve along with other successful online marketers seemed to be the only people who understood my downright disdain for being a sheep in a work force that taxed the employee for the benefit of corporate profits. I can relate to the employee mentality for maintaining stability but at the same time…


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Local Economy Journal

THIS WEEK: Corporate Capitlism and Your Role In It, Big Apple Bans Big Gulp!, Women of Uzbekistan Unite to Learn Business Skills, Many Community Gardens in the News, Oregon Tourism Creates New Personalized Digital Travel Planning, Being Successful AND Fair Trade?, Sustainable Rural Cities – Chiapas Mexico, Black Farming Power, Ithaca Mayor Turns Personal Parking Spot into Garden, Traverse City Expands TC Saves Energy Program, 25 Best Urganism Quotes, and more. 

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Ford engenders entrepreneurial innovation with TechShop plus – Torque News

Hybrid Cars NewsFord engenders entrepreneurial innovation with TechShop plusTorque NewsBy Don Bain on Thu, 05/31/2012 – 18:45 Ford has provided an intellectual home to innovation for more than a century, and now is taking their penchant for the creation of intellectual property into the field via the Motor City Innovation Exchange, TechShop and Jump Start.

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Breaking News from The Wall Street Journal: The Word “Innovation” Has Begun to Lose Meaning | Storytelling by Química visual

Love, love, absolutely love this!  Really? Here’s the lead from the story. “Got innovation? Just about every company says it does. Businesses throw around the term to show they’re on the cutting edge of everything from technology and medicine to snacks and cosmetics.

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