5x5x5: Jacquelline Fuller On The Global Impact Awards

In partnership with the Social Innovation Summit, we’re running a series called 5x5x5 — 5 Leaders, 5 Sectors, 5 Questions. Five guests from a variety of sectors will answer questions on how technology and innovation can be used for social good.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

This intersection between the for profit and nonprofit world is rich. Technology seems to be the bridge easiest to cross first.

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100 Must See Interviews With the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

At Under30CEO we think big. We recently published a list of our Top 50 Most Motivational People on the web and things got a little nuts.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

Nice collection of interviews.

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Charity:Water, Other Nonprofits Get Help From Tech Innovators To Inspire New … – Huffington Post

Kansas City Star
Charity:Water, Other Nonprofits Get Help From Tech Innovators To Inspire New …

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

This is truly where my passion lies.  It’s the intersection between commercial business ventures and the nonprofit world, where there is so much to be learned by both sides.

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It Is Five Time More Difficult To Get An Attendant Job At Delta Airlines Than Enter Harvard | ZeroHedge

There is a reason why the monthly BLS JOLTS jobs supply/demand survey – which supposedly shows an “improving” labor picture because more people are willingly leaving their (temporary) jobs, and there are more job openings – is so laughable it is…

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:


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