The value of sportsmanship in business

Winning doesn’t have to come at the expense of honor, dignity and class

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

So earlier this week my step-son had a volleyball game.  The refs made a few difficult calls, mostly relaxing the rules a bit.  The boy is ten, and this is thought of as a learning league.

After the game however, he came home rather upset and suggested that the team lost the game “because the refs were terrible.”  You can imagine the parental manuveuring that ensued.  Sportsmanship and all of it’s subtle variants were the topic at the dinner table and beyond.

In business, this is an unusual request.  Aren’t we, after all, out to beat the other guy?  And isn’t it part of fair-play to kick him when he’s down?  Well, maybe not.  Here’s a story from CBS Moneywatch that takes a look at what’s appropriate sportsman-like behavior for the business athlete.

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