Leadership Lessons From LEGO

Many of the lessons learned in fatherhood apply, on a certain level, to change leadership. Here are the parallels between building a complex LEGO set and coaching a client through transformational change.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

The by-line on this article is a little misleading.  John Kotter didn’t write it.  Ken Perlman who works with John’s company did. (You have to go to the bottom to see that.)  You know me as a leadership omnivore.  I take it all as long as it holds its water.  This article seems full of holes. It simply feels like Perlman did this more for the hits the word LEGO would get than any real connection to change management.  

I worked with Kotter and wrote his first workshop material for Leading Change, living and breathing the stuff.  A strong element of Kotter’s work was definitely “the more people involved in the change, the more likely it will succeed.”  Can you imagine any more than two or three people with their sweaty hands on a LEGO project?  And Kotter’s biggest Change Management rule, Urgency.  “Johnny, you’ve got to find time in your day everyday to stick these blocks together.”  I don’t think that core tenet works with our LEGO analogy.

It’s cute.  I’ll give Mr. Perlman that, but the article feels a bit devoid of any substance that I can use anywhere but the family-room.

I will agree however that the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter is still the coolest LEGO set of them all.

See on www.forbes.com


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