What Brain Science Can Teach Us About Leadership – Jesse Lyn Stoner

Our prefrontal cortex allows our judgment to override primitive instincts that no longer serve us. These lessons from brain science can increase your leadership effectiveness.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

This article is the true focus of this Scoop.It feed.  The science of understanding how the brain works is giving us fewer excuses to blame our leadership failures on others.  More than ever we can track the effect of our actions on the behavior, and even the emotional impact, of others.

“Far too many leaders are unaware of the effect of their actions on others, leaving a wake of anxious people in their path. We can’t let them off the hook for this anymore. Brain science has demonstrated that we have the ability to become aware of the effect of our actions AND even more importantly, that through our prefrontal cortex, we have the ability to consciously consider our actions.”

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