What Ender’s Game Gets Right About Communicating With Aliens

It’s often assumed that communicating with alien intelligence will be a simple matter of conveying basic concepts in math and science. We will know they’re smart and they’ll know we’re smart. But how we’ll actually go about doing this is …

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

This isn’t my normal post for Whole Brain Leadership. It jumped out at me however because it challenges the way we think. The article is about the upcoming sci-fi thriller Enders Game, and it’s plot regarding communicating with aliens. The assumptions we’ve made, and the we here being scientists, physicists, and mathematicians much smarter than me, is that we’d use math as our crossover to unlock alien languages. This article looks at new input from anthropologists and linguists suggesting this may not even be possible. For me it’s a fascinating read that challenges my own preconceived notions of communication. I hope you enjoy it.

See on www.wired.com


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