Harvard sets biggest fundraising goal ever: $6.5 billion – NBC News

BOSTON – Harvard, the richest university in the United States, said on Saturday it would seek to raise some $6.5 billion in donations to fund new academic in…

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

So all you development professionals out there.  How would you like to have this number on your workplan?  $6.5 Billion.  That’s a Carl Sagan moment!

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How Big Numbers Short-Circuit Your Brain and Your Finances

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your brain is just not evolved to process big numbers.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

Ever wonder why “police estimates” of protester numbers at an event is always lower than the number the protesters provide?  Fact is, neither side is genetically capable of doing it accurately.  

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20 Awesome Nonprofit Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

Freshen up your email and RSS subscriptions with this list of 20 awesome nonprofit marketing blogs you should start reading today (RT @donoraction: 20 Awesome #Nonprofit Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading http://t.co/bIM8LVZysk

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

I agree with most of these, excepting the first one, About.com.  I find About (and Ask.com for that matter) to be ad-strewn and difficult to navigate.  The text is small and often wraps around ads that feature similar text formatting. But the rest are all on my watch list for sure.

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Leadership Qualities That Matter the Most: Lessons from Davos 2014 – Huffington Post

Leadership Qualities That Matter the Most: Lessons from Davos 2014
Huffington Post
We all know the story by now. The world is more complex, global, latticed, networked and unforgiving.

Bill Palladino – MLUI‘s insight:

A small handful of must-have qualities always rise to the surface: empathy, judgment, self-awareness, adaptability, integrity, passion, courage and resilience.

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